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Artist Spotlight: Annie LaPoint

23 Apr, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Annie LaPoint

This year marks Annie LaPoint's 20th year as a Penny Lane artist. To commemorate the anniversary, we asked Annie to write about her life as an artist and just like everything Annie does, she knocked it out of the park!

Annie is an amazing artist, but an even better human being. Everybody who knows Annie loves her... EVERYBODY! We are so blessed to have worked with her for such a long time. We know you'll enjoy her story.

What a wonderful 20 years it has been! When I signed with Penny Lane Fine Art and Licensing back in 1998, as an artist, my prayers were answered and my dreams came true.

At a very early age I knew that I wanted to grow up to be an artist, and always experimented creatively with different mediums as a teenager and young adult. When my children were very young I focused in and learned the technique of Watercolor Painting, and there I found my passion. While having a few paintings reproduced at a fine art printing company in Ohio, my work was spotted and admired by Penny Lane Fine Art, and the rest is history!

In my early years with Penny Lane I became known for rich watercolor paintings of mossy terracotta pots filled with ivy topiaries and blooms of all kinds. The garden has always been my happy place, and more than ever I just love flowers and old clay terracotta pots.

It didn’t take long for my art to appear on all kinds of fun products for the home and garden. Wall art, table top ceramics and textiles, along with greeting cards, garden flags and decorative gifts, are just a few of the many products created with my artwork. In early 2018, my first fabric collection was released, called “Land That I Love.”

Over the years I’ve had the best time expanding my style of artwork and designs to keep up with today’s changing trends in the gift and home décor industry.

In the last two years my daughter Joanna and I have joined together in a really fun way as artists, creating “Beetle & Bob – Art for Kids.”

Every day I am so thankful to God that I get to be one of the many artists at Penny Lane Fine Art and Licensing, doing what I love. They truly are the ones that make it all happen!

Did you know that if you look carefully you will find a scripture reference from the Bible tucked away in every one of my paintings? I’ve done this from the very beginning to give each piece of my artwork back to God, who is the Greatest Artist of all.

My wonderful husband Ken and I have been married 37 years and live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. We and have a beautiful family, and are first time grandparents to a darling little girl named Ivy James who has brightened our world!

As an ever-inspired full time painter, I enjoy encouraging other artists, and my goal is to become the oldest ever, licensed artist! I’ll be that little old lady with pink hair at the gift shows, riding on a scooter with a big portfolio filled with art. Look out world! As I often say, the best is yet to come!

We are so pleased that Annie chose Penny Lane 20 years ago! Here's to 20 MORE!

You can view all of Annie's available artwork here and stay connected with her via social media.




If you're a Penny Lane artist and want to be featured in an Artist Spotlight email Kathy Benton to share your story!

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