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Artist Spotlight: Marla Rae

14 Dec, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Marla Rae

Since teaming up with Penny Lane in 2011, Marla Rae has become one of the most successful artists in company history. Marla is known for her ability to establish new trends as well as her tireless effort in completing new artwork.

Over 20 years ago she and her husband Brian founded the Barn Festival, a unique shopping experience on their property out in the country. The Barn Festival has grown into an event they host twice a year in May and September. The event attracts tens of thousands of customers out on a dirt road in Hastings, Nebraska to shop over 150 vendors’ unique wares. The Barn Festival has grown to include food trucks and their newest hit, The Watering Hole, which supplies visitors with everything from water, soft drinks and tea to mimosas, wine and beer.

Barn Festival Sign
In September we were able to visit Marla at the Barn Festival to soak in this unique experience. The shear size of the Barn Festival was something we could have never imagined. We were overwhelmed by the amazing artwork and crafts. Everywhere you looked there seemed to be hundreds of pieces calling out to you. Many unique pieces were presented in a dazzling display showcasing creativity and workmanship that stands second to none. To simplify… It was AWESOME!!!

The amount of time and effort put into the festival is truly remarkable. A multitude of people put in an immeasurable amount of work to make the festival what it is. Each year Marla and Brian work hard to upgrade the visitor’s experience through improvements and new ideas. This year, along with the Watering Hole, they built a boardwalk so their guests could be safer by not walking on the driveway. These upgrades make the Barn Festival an ever evolving experience for all who attend.   

Marla’s enthusiasm for the Barn Festival is clearly apparent when she talks about it. You can really get a sense of the happiness and pride that it brings her and her family. Of course, Marla’s artwork was on full display, where she proudly premiered her latest releases. Marla Rae really loves to create and it’s obvious that she enjoys giving other creative people the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Going to the Barn Festival was an adventure that we’re not likely to forget! For more information visit and stay connected via social media.





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