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Lauren Poole, of Lauren Lesley Studio, is an artist, surface pattern designer, and illustrator. She worked as a textile designer for 7 years and her rug designs have sold in retailers such as Target and Anthropologie. She is wildly passionate about pattern, design and product development.
She grew up in Spartanburg, SC, and, as a little girl, making art was always her obsession. From day one as a Freshman in college, she declared herself an Art Major and received her B.F.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in oil painting.  As much as she loved painting, she struggled with finding a way to support herself as a fine artist.  Next, she decided to take online classes in Graphic Design and worked as a Graphic Designer for the first 4 years of her adult career.
Not totally satisfied with being a Graphic Designer, Lauren discovered the field of Textile Design and fell in love with a pattern, product development, and home décor. She moved to Atlanta and designed textiles for 7 years during which she was promoted to Senior Designer.  Her designs sold for a broad range of e-commerce sites and retailers including private label clients. She also met her husband in Atlanta and got married in 2018.
Because Lauren was in love with the process of creating, she realized she did not want to pursue the traditional next step into management and decided to dive headfirst into the world of licensing.  Becoming an independent designer in 2019, Lauren Lesley Studio is her original interpretation of textile and surface pattern design.
She now resides in Birmingham, AL with her husband and her little tuxedo cat.  Her designs offer a fresh look for a modern lifestyle.  She focuses on beautiful patterns and illustrations that convey a fun edge and inspire happiness.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @LaurenLesleyStudio.

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